The 2022-23 Distinguished Artists
Concert and Lecture Series

Outstanding music literature performed at the highest level of artistry and expertise.

Program IV

The Coming of Age of American Art Music
New England’s Classical Romanticists:

The Boston Six

Thursday, February 9, 7:30 p.m.
Peace United Church of Christ


Pianist John Orlando And friends
Kate Alm, piano and organ &
Members of Symphony San Jose
Kiri Murakami-Loehmann, violin
Alex van Derveen, violin
Craig Bate, viola
Janet Witharm, cello

The Boston Six composers:
Edward MacDowell, Horatio Parker, Amy Beach,
George Chadwick, Arthur Foote and John K. Paine

Program V

Pianist Gabrielle Baldocci
Beethoven’s 5th symphony arranged for solo piano
Sunday, March 12, 4 pm
Peace United Church of Christ

Program VI

Pianist Soheil Nasseri
Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert
Saturday, April 15, 7:30 pm
Peace United Church of Christ

The Distinguished Artists Concert Foundation

The Distinguished Artists Concert Foundation is a locally formed 501C organization whose main purpose is to enhance the quality of life for Santa Cruz County residents and visitors to our area. This includes support for individuals and organizations in local services and the arts. The DACF is a proud sponsor of The Distinguished Artists Concert & Lecture Series.

Peace United Church of Christ

Peace United Church of Christ, at 900 High Street in Santa Cruz, is a decidedly Christian community following in the generous and inclusive way of Jesus. It is especially known for its ministry through music and the arts, its advocacy for LGBTQ+ equality, and its collaboration with other justice-seeking organizations, religious and secular. The congregation carries the blessings and burdens of historic Christianity with a boldly progressive vision. Learn more online: and and know that you are welcome for worship at 10:30 on Sunday mornings!



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Occasional pre-concert interactive talks with artists on What to Listen for in Music one hour prior to selected performances, and additional presentations by Dr. Orlando and other musicians and historians.

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